HPU/Accumulator skidOur diesel driven hydraulic power units range from 30 HP to 1100 HP and can be customised according to the desired specifications. All hydraulic power units are delivered with JB Group’s own 3GHI Protection™ system and certified by DNV for operation without exhaust flame traps in hazardous areas (Zone 2).

All hydraulic power units will be fully certified in accordance with local requirements such as ATEX, IECEx, NORSOK Z-015, OLF 70, etc. DNVGL-ST-E272 (former DNV 2.7-2) certification and Solas compliance is also available on request and all units will be CE marked. The units are certified by a third party (DNVGL) and delivered with full documentation and warranty.

The hydraulic power units are capable of operating in ambient temperatures from –20° C to +50° C. Lifting frame/container designed and approved in accordance with DNV 2.7-1 and EN 12079, the skid frame is sandblasted and painted in compliance with offshore specifications in NORSOK M-501. Units can be stacked in height during storage or boat transportation with the use of ISO locks.

Some of our available designs:

  • HPU 22E: 22kW, electric driven, Zone 1.
  • HPU 50E: 50kW, electric driven, Zone 1.
  • HPU 100: 100HP, diesel driven, Zone 2.
  • HPU 200: 200HP, diesel driven, Zone 2.
  • HPU 300: 300HP, diesel driven, Zone 2.
  • HPU 500: 500HP, diesel driven, Zone 2.
  • HPU 600: 660HP, diesel driven, Zone 2.
  • HPU 700: 725HP, diesel driven, Zone 2.
  • HPU 1100: 1100HP, diesel driven, Zone 2.

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