JB Well Solutions offers services related to equipment we produce, but we also undertake other assignments for customers in all parts of the world. Our service technicians are experienced in travel assignments all over the world and are usually available at short notice.

We have all diciplines in-house and are a One Stop Shop. we can offer our Customers the  following range of services:

  • Service, upgrading and maintenance of JBWS manufactured equipment.
  • Service, upgrading and maintenance of equipment manufactured by others.
  • Installation, service and maintenance of fire extinguisher systems and equipment.
  • Service and maintenance of pressure vessels and pressure safety devices.
  • Engineering and project management services.
  • Performance testing and verification.
  • Troubleshooting with Thermal imaging.
  • Training. “Hands on” training for maintenance and operational personnel.
  • Technical assistance, remote troubleshooting.
  • We have 24/7 Customer Support.

Unit Keeping – let us take care of your equipment!

Many companies simply focus on their core expertise in the utilization and operation of their equipment, but JB Well Solutions can offer a complete package. . We take complete responsibility for the equipment including:

  • Inspection and check on arrival at our workshop.
  • Rectification of any defects.
  • Maintenance trace-ability.
  • The equipment is marked ready for use and stored in a separate, secure area.
  • Certifications and service according to documented maintenance program.
  • When mobilized, equipment  is prepared to checklist and function tested before dispatch.
  • Gives customers focus on operation and the equipment is well taken care of by experienced and skilled technicians.